Pudgy Hands and Chicks Don’t Mix!

Pudgy two year old hands and baby chicks don’t mix!!! The LOCKED bathroom door was left open and I am sure you can only imagine what happened next!!!:(

Ramona came running to me early this morning yelling, CP “killed Butterscotch!” Of course I was in disbelief and doubted her story, but upon examining the poor baby, there was no question. I can only imagine that CP was loving it sooo much that he squeezed it too hard and the poor chicks neck got broken. The kids told me that CP brought the chick out to them in his open palm to show them.

Needless to say everyone was upset. Master C was mad, I think blaming himself. Ramona wasn’t sad the chick was dead only sad for 3-D and 3-D was very distraught. They were very Stern with CP before I came out to see about the whole situation. He was sad and crying too when I saw him.

I explained that it was not his fault because he had no idea what he had done. He was just playing with the chick like they were and didn’t know how to be gentle. And then proceeded by saying that that was the reason we had them in a locked room. So it was a little bit of all of our faults. Ramona got CP out of bed and did not watch him, the other boys or whoever didn’t lock the door and I was not out of my room to supervise everyone. They all made amends, but were still very sad.

After some more comforting and forgiving I asked them if they wanted to walk to a local city landmark elevator and walk from there to a local bakery and get a donut. They all agreed that it would cheer them up and then we would go back to the farm store and get another chick for 3-D.

After getting the donuts and getting back to our car I commented to Master C about how different CP was acting. He was not himself at all. He was quiet, not smiling, and not chattering. Very unusual behavior for him. Master C agreed that it was strange and I said that I think he could sense that something was wrong with the chick when he brought it to them this morning. He was clearly distraught over the situation. I was so sad for the little guy! He clearly had no idea about what happened and yet he knew in his heart that the chick was not ok.

As soon as we got a new chick (looks just the same as the old one-a Rhode Island Red) CP seemed to perk right up. He probably thought it was the same chick. Everything restored. When we got home the kids dug a grave and 3-D buried Butterscotch in it and placed a grave marker. We said a prayer and told God that we were sorry for not taking better care of His creation.

The other two chickies seem to not know the difference. They all get along peachy!


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