Sibling Generosity-Who Knew?

We had walked to a local bakery the other day in hopes to diffuse the events of the morning (baby chick died) when Ramona exclaimed that she wanted the large butterhorn donut. It was $1.25 which I found to be too much for one donut, so I told her she would have to pick another donut because I wasn’t going to buy her a donut that cost that much. She threw a small fit and I told her if she didn’t pick another donut we were going to leave and she wouldn’t get one at all. I know, sounds harsh, but I have to set limits!

At that moment her 8 year old brother stepped in and asked me if he gave me a dollar could she get the donut. I just looked at him and wasn’t sure if I should let him step in and do that for his sister or not (because she was throwing a small tantrum,) but in the end I couldn’t deny his generous spirit, so I allowed him to. As we were walking back to the car I told 3-D that he had done a very nice thing. He said, “I just want our family to be happy.”

It’s moments like this one that make you feel like you are doing something right in raising the kids. Oh, and I only made him give me .25.


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