My Personal Gardner

I have the nicest (aka. crazy) neighbor! I asked to borrow her small rototiller the other day, but she said she would come over and see if it could dig up the soil herself the next day. I talked to her again that night feeling bad that she felt she had to do it. She said that she hates to be inside and because her yard was all done she needed another yard to work in. She said that if someone in our neighborhood didn’t have something for her to do, she was going to go to her old neighborhood and work in her friends’ yard. I just laughed and told her we would be home by 12:30 or so and I would see her then.

Fast forward to 12:30 the next day. We get out of the car and she is in her driveway. I say hello and she tells me that she was so excited to come work in our yard that she couldn’t sleep last night. She said she had other errands to run, but didn’t do those because she wanted to get ready to work in our yard. She had bought something to kill the moss in our front yard and then she was going to get to work in the back.

She worked a bit in the front and then went back into the backyard and started to pull the grass from around the fence line. She said it was rotting the fence out around the bottom. Then she cut the grass around the play structure, mowed the lawn, and pulled the dandelions out. The kids couldn’t stay away. They were outside helping her. They got a ton done. She didn’t get the rototiller done, but I’m hoping that will come soon. She did however forget to pick her grandson up from school. She was so enthralled in the process that when I asked if she had to pick up her grandson, she said, “what time is it?” I told her and she rushed off 30 min. late to pick him up. I felt sooo bad. The kids told me it was my fault. Of course I said it wasn’t, but I felt bad anyway.

When I was praying for new neighbors a year ago, I never had a thought of how they could help me, I just prayed for a family that we could influence or help. But it has been an unexpected blessing on both sides of our house. One does my yard work and the other brings us ice-cream.


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