"Bring the Rain" by Mercy Me

“I have been praying for just enough testing/trials, for you (me) to grow,
but not so many that you become discouraged. Also, for encouragement along
the way.”

My mom sent this via email the other day. God really does answer prayer! And my Mom really loves me! What else would a Mother who loves the Lord and her children pray?

Love ya, Mom

Daddy’O did not get either of the jobs he applied for at his company! Very discouraging, but just as my mother prayed, He gave us encouragement along the way! Sunday I found an envelope with $50 cash in it-no one wrote a thing, so I have no clue who it is from. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Then later the same day my neighbor brought the kids cupcakes, two huge bags of frozen blueberries (my favorite and they are tiny and SWEET!)from her garden last summer, and $20 worth of gift certificates to Mike’s Drive in. Then tonight Daddy’O was at some training for work and he called to tell me that he had won $150 worth of gas on a gas debit card. That is going to help tremendously!

I am keeping tabs on all these blessings so our family can reflect on what God is doing in our lives. The kids can’t seem to wrap their minds around it. Master C was trying to fit our neighbor, who has been working on our yard, into a box that already exists in his mind. He just can’t figure out why in the world she would want to help us.

Here is one of my favorite songs that goes along with my Mom’s prayer. Enjoy!


for some reason the video is not working-I’ll try and fix it soon


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