Gardening and the Gospel

We came home from church Sunday and my backyard had been mowed.  My neighbor had mowed it and threw all the cuttings on a garden plot that we had worked on all day Sat. together.  How lovely to have a neighbor who really wants to help you. 

We worked all day Sat. tilling and pulling weeds in my backyard.  Daddy’O, myself, and my neighbor all took turns getting the ground ready to cultivate.  We pulled so much sod up that it filled three yard debris cans.  They are so heavy with the wet and muddy sod that I don’t think the garbage collectors are going to take them. 

She worked so hard.  Her grandson was with her all day too.  He and Ramona are the same age and everyone gets along handsomely.

At one point Master C offered her some lemonade or orange soda and then invited her to stay for dinner.  At three o’clock he asked if he could start dinner so I wouldn’t have to make it and it would be ready at 5.  Every bone in my body wanted to say no to him, just because it is so much work in the end to have him cook a meal.  But I just couldn’t squelch his generous spirit.  So I said, “yes.”  But I have to admit that I did say a prayer that she would say no.  I know that sounds awful, but have a little sympathy here.  I was exhausted and didn’t want to deal with one more thing. 

It was funny though.  She did say no, but she was weeding and suddenly got up and said, “this is making me mad.  Your son is being so thoughtful and I have two daughters (who are 23 and 24) who can’t even clean their rooms.  I’m going home to chew them out.”  I had to laugh.  So glad Master C was having a red letter day. 

God is really blessing this relationship.  I am getting to know her better and she keeps coming back for more.  I’m praying as we build our relationship that I will have opportunities to talk about God.  I have been sharing our blessings and she is shocked every time.  Maybe that is why God is blessing us, so that we can give Him all the credit and pass on His beauty for her to see. 

She commented the other day about how well my older three take care of our youngest.  She said that it is very unusual.  I said that maybe it was because they spend all day together, but she thought that that would make them even dislike each other more.  I didn’t give any other reasons, but probably should have said something about Christ being in their lives.  Missed that one.  My prayer is that we would live a life worthy.  I don’t want to just speak it, I want to live it.  I think the kids’ lights are shining for God and it is fun to see our neighbor notice that there is something different about them. 

I have lots more gardening to do, so there will be many more opportunities for the two of us to work side by side.  My prayer is that I will listen to the leading of the spirit and find opportunities to sprinkle our conversations with the “Good News!”


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