Master Chef Lived up to his Name

Master C came to me this afternoon just itchin’ to bake something.  I said, “find something and make it.”  He then made a fruit smoothie.  He drank it and wanted to know what he could make next.  I said I had a hankering for blueberry muffins and poof, he made blueberry muffins.  Then he wanted to make something else.  He asked for suggestions.  I said that I love chocolate cream pie.  Poof, there was a cream pie (well, I did have to help him a bit on this one- kinda tricky when you have to make your own pie crust and use the stove top and the oven all at the same time.)  But he did most of it himself. 

Man O’ Man am I going to get even fatter ( I know fatter isn’t proper english-oh’well)  I had him run over and invite our “ice-cream” neighbors over just to make sure I didn’t get left with a half eaten pie in the house.  They came and we enjoyed a really nice dessert.   They complimented Master C on his pie many times throughout the evening.  He had a BIG smile on his face after they left and then he said that he liked it when he got compliments on his cooking.  Don’t we all!!!  Hint Hint!


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