What Does A Homeschooling Mom Do All Day or Any Mom For that Matter!

Monday-school, tutoring our neighbor boy, and taekwondo along with laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, cooking/feeding (kids and animals,) working on a slideshow project,vacuuming, and countless other things I do without even thinking.

Tuesday-school, Grand Canyon OMNImax movie, Chinese language class, along with laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, cooking/feeding, and not having Daddy’O home until 9PM, avoiding creditors phone calls, and countless other things not mentioned.

Wednesday-School, Tutoring Neighbor boy, Taekwondo, dinner at Grandma and Grandpas, along with dishes, dirty diapers, cooking, hair-pulling (mine), working on sideshow presentations for two events happening in the next two weeks, planning yearbook class for HIGH Day, and Daddy’O not being home until 9.

Thursday-Bag packing, snack making, motivating, HIGH Day (homeschool Co-Op), Free Pancake Breakfast at Bob’s Red Mill and tour of new World Market Headquarters, Phew-no Chinese-canceled today, quick sit on the couch cause my feet are Killing ME! cooking, cleaning, getting kids to accomplish chores, discussion of new house rules, countless other things not mentioned, Daddy’O not home until 9

Friday-Attempt to take kids swimming (didn’t realize I had to be IN with them,) driving around trying to find other pool to swim at, frustration and hair-pulling (mine-almost my daughters,) consequence giving, park (attempt at appeasing animals-human kind,) school, neighborhood kid monitoring (in my backyard,) dinner, cleaning, vacuuming, chore enforcing, Foster Care Parenting class, Daddy’O not home until 9.

Saturday-RELAX HA HA, dishes, dirty diapers, laundry, cooking, balance checkbook, avoiding creditors phone calls, making budget, helping cookie maker (daughter,) errand running, Daddy’O gone from 12 – 9:30, bike ride-wishful thinking on kids part, chore enforcing, vacation canceling, schedule making, purging papers and some stuff, and countless other things I did without thinking.

I didn’t mention sleep, although it did occur in small increments.  And we really had a lighter than usual school schedule.  Oh, and I should mention on each day I saved a two year old from himself countless times-cleaned honey out of a vent (that is a story for another day!)  And of course Bible reading, mass amounts of praying, and small amounts of leasure reading- tv watching- video games(kids, not me) were thrown in too.  oh, and voice raising-me and kids-several times.  Saving the best for last – was a lot of LAUGHING sprinkled throughout all of the above mentioned activities.

Just use your imagination if you didn’t find something you did on the above list I probably just forgot to write it down. LOL




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