Silver Falls

Daddy’O was working today, so I took the kids for a late evening trip to Silver Creek Falls. We left around 4 and got home just before Daddy’O arrived home from work at 9:20. We packed some snacks for a picnic and some extra clothes and were off. When we arrived at the park (an hour drive) we took a walk to check it out and then sat down on a blanket for our picnic. It wasn’t much. I looked at what Master C packed and found bowls, spoons, applesauce, two cans of mandarin oranges, a can opener, and some water. I had packed water, juice, and several crackers. I told you it wasn’t much. On our way there I exclaimed that we had forgotten our towels, when Ramona quickly corrected me by saying that no, she had packed a towel. She is such a great planner. We would have been dripping without her towel.

The kids had packed backpacks with activities to do in the car.  They are all great at bringing enough books and coloring to last any car ride.  We also enjoyed a radio drama of “The Last Battle” on the  way there and on the way back. 

We had the most pleasant visit to the park. The kids were all well behaved and the weather was wonderful and the creek was just the right depth to play without the worry of someone drowning. Three hours was just the right amount of time to stay there too. Not too long, but long enough for everyone to have their fill. What a beautiful park. Everything was green and lush.


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