Best Line Yet

PETA Disclaimer: No animal was harmed during filming.

Ramona: “Have we been hitting the top of Zoe’s kennel too much?”  We give her kennel a smack when she barks too much.

Me: “Why?”  As I walk into the kitchen to investigate her question.

Ramona: No answer

Me upon looking at the kennel: “Romana, what did you do?”

Ramona: “Nothing!!!”

Me:  “Well its obvious you did something by the way the kennel looks.”

Ramona: bursts out sobbing and adamantly states, “I didn’t do anything.”

Then Master C comes in and says, “yes you did, you said you were going to jump on it.”

Ramona: More sobs

Later she admitted to standing on it.  It popped out easily with no permanent damage.  I just cracked up laughing and told Master C to grab the camera.  It was so funny that with obvious damage she still stood there and denied it.  We did have a conversation about the truth later when she settled down.

Poor Zoe, she’s fine though.  She hasn’t barked since:-)



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