A Family Camping Trip-Our First

We stayed in a yurt for the first time this weekend and I have to say, we all had a great time. It was a cheap alternative to a hotel and tons better than sleeping in a tent. We have never been to Beverly Beach and were pleasantly surprised at the beauty and calmness of the campground. We stayed from Sunday night and left Wednesday.

The bathrooms were clean and the yurt was clean and comfortable. If you have never stayed in a yurt and have been shying away from camping, you must try it. It rained buckets and buckets of rain two nights in row.  It sounded like a drum, but I think the steady beat helped the kids fall asleep quicker. I felt a little safer too because you can lock the front door, but I know it was a false sense, because if anyone really wanted to get in they could just break the window.

We have never been camping as a family and it was high time we did. The kids have been begging for awhile and now they want to go back again this weekend. They book up fast so it is out of the question, but if you are looking for an inexpensive family vacation, you have to check out the state campgrounds with yurts. There is even a deluxe yurt with a bathroom and kitchen at Umpqua Lighthouse State park. It is a bit more, but might be worth it and again cheaper than a hotel room. We haven’t taken a vacation in awhile, so this was a nice treat.  

It would have been nice to have more sun, but on our last day God answered our prayers and gave us a beautiful sunny day.  We checked out of our yurt and spent the day a little north in Siletz Bay.  What a relaxing and enjoyable time we had as a family.  It was nice to be together for a few days as a family since Daddy’O has been working two full time jobs.  He was tired, but glad to not be working.  

We got carmel corn in Depot Bay, went clamming in Siletz Bay, bought clam chowder at Mo’s, and the kids bought souvenirs with the tickets they earned over the last few months. 

Click to play Beverly Beach, OR 2008
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