Skunked the First Time Out

The kids and I went fishing just outside of Estacada, Oregon today on Free fishing day.  We spent over three hours casting, tangling, snagging, cutting, and re-baiting our lines and maybe an hour fishing.  The kids had a blast though. It rained a little, but we were protected by the trees overhead.  The park ranger said they stocked the small lake with 700 fish two days ago, but we couldn't tell.
We saw lots of salamanders, but hardly any fish.  Some other kids did catch some so we'll have to try on another day when there aren't as many kids.  I found out that kids can fish free so we'll definitely go out again. 
Master C won a drawing and came home with a flashlight, so he was a happy camper.  They didn't even complain about not catching a fish.  I was glad.  It was a bit hard for me to have one set of hands and three kiddos needing help.  Several times the rangers came by and helped and my sister and her husband came out with their kids and helped a little too. 

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One Response

  1. Sounds like fun I will have to go check that out.

    Hey FYI….you used Master chef’s real name. I have caught myself doing that several times. Luckily someone usually points it out 🙂

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