Quick On His Feet X’s Two

Today, to the kids squeals of glee, we put up our pool for the summer.  It isn’t really warm enough yet, but they have just been so anxious to get it up.  It’s one of those 12’x36″ or so metal frame jobs.  We got the metal frame instead of the soft side so our little guy wouldn’t be able to get in without a ladder.  Or so we thought…  Last year we could take the ladder out and there was no way for CP to get into the pool. 

The boys put the pool together and then we started to fill it up.  It really takes almost an entire day to fill up a pool with a single hose.  We were all five outside practicing our rabbit presentation skills for the upcoming Pre-County Fair event for rabbits and cavies on sat. when before I knew it CP was wobbling precariously on top of the metal edge of the pool.  Master C and I immediately started running for the pool and before either one of us could grab him he went over the edge and splashed into the half filled pool.  I can’t even tell you how fast Master C leaped over the edge of the pool.  He had no concern for himself as he jumped in and grabbed CP.  What a hero!  He hurt his leg on the metal bar as he went in, but I am just amazed at his quick and timely response to save his little brother’s life. 

CP’s head wasn’t even wet, cause the water wasn’t deep enough, but he could have easily gone under.  I know that statistics show that children can drown in mere inches of water.  I am so proud of Master C.   I think I will print up some kind of award and have a little ceremony for him tomorrow to honor his heroism.

Needless to say, I am looking into some kind of water alarm.  The pool does have a cover, but I am sure that if he wanted to get into it, he would find a way. 

If you know of a good above ground pool alarm that really works and won’t break the bank, let me know!




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    Good luck all.

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