4-H Pre-Fair Redemption

Today the kids were to participate in a pre-county fair show (no judging) to get them ready for the actual county fair in August.  We didn’t know what to expect, so they all decided that they didn’t want to participate and that we should go to observe only.  Actually, Ramona decided last night that she did want to show a rabbit, but then decided early this morning that she didn’t, and then decided again that she wanted to after it was too late.  Is your head spinning?

We got to the fair without any rabbits in tow and did observe the adventure group (1-3rd graders) show their rabbits and then watched the jrs. show theirs.  The kids were totally and utterly uninterested.  They did not want to be there at all. 

I am not going to blame them for their uninterest, because I have been extremely disappointed with the leadership of our group.  The leader has no interest, as far as I can tell, to be leading these kids at all.  My kids have felt neglected and don’t know what to do at these events.  She assumes that everyone knows what to do and when asked, she has made us feel like its no big deal and we should stop asking questions and just show up.  The meetings have been disorganized and a mess as far as I’m concerned.  My kids need a little more direction before they will step into something.  They won’t go into things blindly.

So that’s why I didn’t push the kids when none of them wanted to show their animals.  I have no clue what I’m doing either, so I’m no help at all.

Well, the story does get better.  I was chatting with one of the moms when her daughter was showing a chicken.  She was so nice and felt bad for my kids that she offered to ask someone else to loan a chicken to each of my kids so they could participate in showing something.  She got it all worked out and had her daughter show my kids what to do while the judge was asking questions.  My kids were excited.  All they needed was someone to show them what to do and they were all over it. And not just show them, but be genuinely interested in my kids and their learning something new.  I think my kids learned more in 30 min. than they have at all the 4-h meetings we’ve been at over the last several months.

While we were there, the kids’ leader never once came over and said that she was glad they were there or anything.  It made me sad for them.  3-D Master kept saying over and over how nice the lady was to share her chickens with them.  He is going to write her a note and we are going to give it to her on Tue. when we see her again. 

They each received a participation ribbon and were excited about the process.  Now that they know what to expect at the actual county fair, I think they are looking forward to it.  Now they are showing bantam chickens instead of rabbits, with the exception of Master C, who I am requiring to show both.

The problem with this whole thing is that we have “normal” size chickens in our coop.  My kids’ hands are too small to show “normal” size chickens at the fair, so the gal who was so nice to let the kids borrow a bantam (smaller breed of chicken) told the kids they needed to take it home to practice with.  YIKES!  She further stated that she would find them another bird because two of them are in the same age group and will be showing the birds at the same time.  Master C can use one of the two because he shows at a different time. 

When I told Daddy’O that we had acquired another bird he told me that he wasn’t letting me go to any more events because each time we have gone to the fairgrounds we have brought home another animal.  In my defense, it was only twice. I guess his point is that I have only been to the fairgrounds twice and each time we added another family member.

I’ll have to post a pic. later.  It is really tiny compared to the other chickens.  They tower over her.  I had to introduce her to them in the dark when they were calmed down for the night.  I won’t check on them until morning, so I hope all is well in the hen house tonight!  Even though she is a girl, we might call her Tiny Tim.



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