Cochin and Old English Blue Pullets

How do three chickens turn into 6? 

We are now the owners of 6 chickens.  We are technically only supposed to have three according to what information I could squeeze out of the city.  I don’t think there is a law about this, but it is strongly suggested to only have three chickens within the city limits.  My husband equates it to the pirate’s mere “guidelines” from Pirates of the Caribean.

The kids and I went and picked up our fifth chicken tonight.  The gal who gave us the other bantam chicken at pre-fair was going to give us one more so we would have two bantam chickens to show at the fair.  We got there and she says that she thought that the kids would like to have three chickens instead of two so they could each have their own.  Isn’t that nice! I’m laughin’ as I type this, cause our animals are multiplying just like my husband feared. 

I need to make the nesting boxes for the chickens.  I have several ideas about what to do, I just need the time.  I also need to extend out the front of the coop to make a little more dancin’ room for these girls.  It shouldn’t be too hard because of the way we designed the coop to begin with. 

The kids and I painted the coop yest., but a little advice in case you have chickens, a two year old, and paint around-put the chickens away and put the two year old down for a nap.  We now have a chicken with a little extra color on her feathers.  Maybe she feels cool now that she can express herself with an individual look.

Tonight at almost midnight I went outside and used my tracing light projector to trace a folk-art chicken on the side of the coop.  Tom. I will paint it in.  I think I will write “City Chicks” at the top too.

I wonder what animal will makes it way to our home next?  I have smelled a few skunks lately.  Maybe they like the smell of chicken??


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