Goodbye Copper

Our cute Holland Lop passed away on Friday.  I think it was heat stroke.  We were gone in the morning and it had gotten hot out.  Daddy’O had moved copper out from under our back patio cover a few days back because there were so many flies.  We have our other rabbits covered from the heat, but didn’t even think about Copper being exposed since it hadn’t been very hot here. 

Poor Ramona and Master C.  They went out to water and feed the rabbits when we got home and they came in and said they thought Copper was dead.  I was in disbelief, but upon inspection I discovered they were right.  The poor fellow.  Master C was in tears blaming himself.  He said it was his fault because he wanted Copper in the first place.  Of course I said it wasn’t his fault at all, but Dad’s and my fault for not thinking about where we placed him. 

Ramona wasn’t sad until they went and buried him out at my parents place.  Daddy’O was giving the eulogy and she told him he was making her cry.  She misses him because Copper was the only rabbit that would let her catch him. 

3-D Master hasn’t said much of anything, so I’m not sure what he is thinking.   

We’ve had two tragic animal deaths in the last few months.  First CP strangled a chick baby by accident and now Copper.  Animals are going to start running from our property pretty soon.



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