All in A Day

I had just settled down on the couch to eat my lunch and catch a few pages of a book I’m reading, when Ramona screamed, “nooooo.”  CP looked at her and as quick as he could, got rid of the evidence.  Unfortunately the “evidence” in question was a raw egg.  Splat went the egg.  And don’t think he won’t do that again, cause there is no way to be serious when scolding Cp with other kiddos in the house.  They just look at all the naughty things CP does and laugh uncontrollably.  

Great, cleaned that up and eased myself back onto the couch to finish my sandwich and read.  Next thing I know Zoe is barking at the door, so I get up to check it out.  Nothing!  While turning back to sit and eat I look at the couch only to see Zoe jumping off the couch with my sandwich.  ARGH!!!  Well, so much for a nice lunch and a book.  Apparently it wasn’t meant to be:)



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