Sisterly Love

The other day I was stressed about getting my house clean for someone who was coming over.  I am a single mother these days (daddy’O is working two jobs) and can’t seem to keep up on all of the housework and kid duties.  My sister needed me to watch her kids and I really didn’t have time that particular day.  I had work to do.  Well, to make a long story short, I watched her kids and then she cleaned my kitchen.  It was really messy too.  I hate to admit there was mold in a few containers.  Not only did she clean my kitchen, she brought a pizza home for us to eat for lunch.  Wow.  What a treat:)

I almost had one of the kids take a picture of her washing and me drying the dishes.  It reminded me of the olden days when we were in our mother’s kitchen washing dishes.  She usually washed and I would dry.  We would get in an argument and I would leave the dishes to dry themselves.  Cutting out the extra work seemed like a great plan in my book.  However, she had other ideas.  She liked to use the pull out sprayer to wet the dishes again, just to make sure I wasn’t shirking any of my responsibility. 

Thanks Sis


One Response

  1. Ha ha ha. I remember doing that. I always wanted to start right away and you wanted to wait. So I would start washing and then you’d leave them til they dried. So I made sure you still had work do to. Wasn’t I so nice? Next time I was your dishes, you wash the mold and I’ll clean the dog poop off the shoes!

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