Sharing Your Faith

My kids and I have been having conversations about how to talk more about Jesus in our conversations with one particular neighbor.  We are always talking with them, but not too many spiritual conversations happen. 

Well today, my 10 year old came in and asked if we could loan our neighbor boy a Bible.  I found one and sent him out with it.  He said they had been talking about Jesus and the Bible.  He said they had been talking for an hour and just realized that Noah had taken termites on the ark.  Funny, I had actually never thought of that!

Hopefully if we get our kids talking about Jesus’ love naturally throughout conversations, when they are young, they will be less likely to listen to satan when he tries to trick them into thinking that they need to be afraid to share the gospel when they grow up.


One Response

  1. I whole heartly agree. When they are young, it is the best time for them to get their feet wet.
    God bless you as you go out,

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