Down Two Boys and A Hubby

I was down two boys and a Hubby for a few days.  They went off to a boys and Dad weekend.  Ramona, CP, and I had the whole weekend to ourselves.  I started off the weekend with a fun game of Bunco with 11 friends.  I get to go off once a month with some fun gals and enjoy a little non thought provoking conversations and a role of the die. 

Its kinda funny watching each one of the gals looking more glassy eyed as the night moves on.  Especially those with kiddos.  One of us always makes a mistake.  Could be rolling the wrong number, moving to the wrong table, or hmmmm, what other mistakes are there???  It is just plain fun.  So glad I am a part of a fun evening!

Next, I had the whole weekend with my dd and youngest ds.  We slept on the futon (minus CP,) colored, watched a movie, slept in, and had a great time.  She wanted to play at Ikea, so we went there Sat. night and then my mom took us out to Sharis’s for dinner-kids eat free-what a deal.  Skipped church on Sun. I know, shame on me.  Tell you the truth, I enjoyed just sleepin in with Ramona.  She was soakin up all the attention.  I think she will be looking forward to when CP can join the other big boys and it will just be she and I.  Maybe then, we could go to the beach or something.

I really had big plans for the house, but she just wanted to hang out and get all the attention she could.  It was fun, but a little frustrating.  The boys came home earlier than I thought they would on Sun., so they caught me off guard.  They forgot to wish me happy b-day, but my Sis didn’t.  She called up and had us out for cupcakes and gave me a really cute bag. 

All in all, the weekend stacked up pretty well.  My neighbor even brought me three zucchinis and a gallon bag of blueberries for.  Oh, and yesterday she showed up with four loaves of the Amish Friendship bread.  She can’t stop making it.  She doctors it up in all sorts of ways.  Yummy!  She said she was so glad she could share it with us because she had a shelf full of it in her fridge~she cracks me up.


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