God Provides-Even the small things!

A friend loaned me her science book:) It is exactly the curriculum I wanted to use.  She just happened to be a sub at bunco the other night and the topic of science curriculum came up and she said I could borrow it if I wanted to.  No coincedence here!  It is a different topic than I wanted to cover, but I changed the topic and am excited about beginning our new science adventure this year. 

If you haven’t heard of the Apologia “Exploring Creation With…” series, then it is a must to look at.  Apologia science has the elementary level curriculum written by Jeannie Fulbright.  I also found a fun way to use some crafting skills for the kids to have a more hands on notebook approach to learning.  It is from Live and Learn Press.  It is similar to a lapbook, but with a twist.  I have been searching for a science curriculum that I could really dig into and I think I have found it.  Although I said that last year when I spent over a hundred bucks and came away with the same feeling that I always have.  I discovered that I was the problem.  I didn’t need to spend more on curriculum, but needed to buy something that fit my learning style so I could then enjoy teaching it to my kids.  Of course I will tweak it to meet the needs of each of my kids, but for science, I discovered that I really need to enjoy it or it doesn’t get done.  I’ll let you know how it goes in a few months.


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