What? You Forgot Your Own Anniversary???

The phone rang a bit ago and it was my mom.  She said, “happy anniversary.”  I said, “Oh my word, I can’t believe I didn’t even think of it once today.”  I completely forgot about it.  Haven’t even given it a thought in the last week.  Yikes!

Now when a husband forgets an anniversary, people just roll their eyes and say that’s typical.  But when a wife forgets her anniversary that’s worrisome.

So to put your minds at ease, our marriage is fine.  Life is just a bit too stressful at the time being to be thinking about anniversaries I guess.  We don’t hang our hats on dates anyway.  We are solid in the fact that we love each other and its more special when we remember the other person for no reason than out of obligation.

I still can’t believe I forgot it.  Let’s see if Daddy’O remembers!  Maybe I’ll give him a hard time just for fun.  Although, if he reads this post I’ll be found out.


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