Same Song Third Verse

Well Daddy’O didn’t remember it was our anniversary either, but he had a really good excuse!!! Today we are on our third experience with being a family without income.  Well, he does have a second job, but it is full commission and lately he hasn’t been sellin’ much.

I do have a peace that God will take care of us. I have no doubt.  My concern comes when I think about what that care might look like.  He has allowed us to keep our home and most of our creature comforts, but what is it that we aren’t learning that He feels that we need to be brought through the muck and mire of no job and no income once more???  What does the suffering need to entail to bring us to where He wants us to be??? 

God, what is it that we are missing.  I guess more importantly, what am I missing.  Show me, write it in the sky so I can’t miss it again.  I don’t really want to do this all over again!  “Teach me your ways O Lord, show me your paths.” 

I wonder who else our experience will have an impact on.  I hadn’t really thought about our suffering being for others until the other day.  I was having a conversation with a friend and I was joking that all of our pain started when we met.  Not really, but we were kidding around.  Then the next day as I was talking with God and confessing any hurtful words I might have said to this friend, He said that some of my suffering wasn’t because of my friend, but for her. 

I didn’t know what He meant until a few days later, when they called to tell us that they wanted to pay for my sons and husband to go to a father son weekend at camp.  Then I understood. 

God was working in our friends’ hearts at the same time He was walking us through a difficult time.  God wanted to use our time of growing to stir emotions in our friends hearts.  They listened to God’s leading and were used by God to bless our family.  Our pain was an avenue that allowed our friends to be used by God.   

One of my favorite speakers is John Maxwell.  We have a CD of one of his motivational speeches and my kids just love to listen to it over and over.  He is a wonderful storyteller.  One of my favorite lines in his speech goes something like this…All miracles begin with a problem.  Do you have a problem?  Good, then your a candidate for a miracle. 

Of course when you hear the passion and emotion in his voice, it sounds very convincing.

So, I am here to tell you we have a problem and we are good candidates for a miracle.  I have posted many times of the blessings God has poured out on our family.  I am sure that He is up to lots of good as our family follows the leading of our Lord. 

I’ll keep ya posted on any miracles.  Maybe if you have a problem, you’re a good candidate too?!


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  1. Great message! I know that God has a plan and a blessing and it’s our part to stay obedient and follow him. I’m sure Noah didn’t feel comfortable at the start of the flood either. I can’t wait to tell the sotry all the way to the end.

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