Paying it Forward

The other day the kids and I were grocery shopping.  While in line I noticed a woman and her two teenage kids.  She was talking with the cashier and holding up the line.  Of course I was getting a bit impatient because it never fails to get in the “wrong” lane when checking out. 

I listened to see what was going on and heard the cashier tell the lady she would print the receipt and have her wait at the end of the aisle until she figured out what to do.  I slid in a little closer to the cashier and asked if the woman was having trouble paying for her groceries.  She said yes.  I asked how much and she said $30.  I told her I would pay for them.  Immediately the lady in front of me said she would pay half.  The cashier sent the lady on her way happy to have her food.

When I got in the car I realized that thirty dollars was the exact amount that Someone had handed me one day last Easter.  Isn’t God amazing!  He sure makes it fun sometimes when He gives you a peek into His wondrous ways.


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