Smorgasbord Anyone?

Master Chef, living up to his name and sensing my stress level rising, donned his apron and hat and decided to offer a smorgasbord to me for dinner tonight.  He called me into the kitchen around 3’O’clock with all of the goodies spread out in the picture.  He told me to pick what I wanted for dinner and he would make them.

I chose french toast, hash browns, jello, a fruit smoothie, and cake.  He along with his siblings made french toast, hashbrowns, jello, and brownies.  I don’t dare show you a picture of the kitchen.  With the counters full and dog dish water spilled with little muddy doggie foot prints all over the floor, you will think I am nuts to let my kids do it ever again.  But, although it is an insane idea, I will allow them to do it again, because it was from their hearts to show me love while making and serving me dinner. 

Let’s hope they get better at the cleaning part as they get older:)


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