All I Want For My Birthday Is My Two Front Teeth

We celebrated Ramona’s Birthday last Sunday.  As she was blowing out her candles she exclaimed, “all I want for my birthday is my two front teeth.”  Too funny.  We had a nice quiet celebration with our cousins and grandparents.  The boys and I went out and bought her present before the party and they hid it in the garage.  Well, I guess I have to do everything myself, because she found the present while she was looking for her scooter in the garage.  Master C quickly told her is was for her baby brother and she believed it.  Too bad I am raising a liar.  Or maybe I should just say a quick thinker.  She came to me later and told me how unfair it was that CP got the afore mentioned gift and she didn’t.  I just chuckled under my breath.  Of course we had to apologize for lying to her when she opened it and was sooo surprised. 

She said her favorite present was the sleeping bag her aunt gave her.  She has been wanting her own sleeping bag for awhile now.  She also got some art supplies and has her very own art studio in her room.  She is lovin it.  That is


everything but her little brother’s fingers getting into everything.


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