Chicken Is Missing

Ramona came running into the house this morning after going out to feed and water the chickens.  She belted out, “your chicken is missing, he’s not in the coop, not in the nesting boxes, and he’s not in the backyard.” 

Upon hearing this, I sent everyone out to look for Chicken (that is really his name.) I followed a few minutes later to see if they had any luck.  I could hear a nervous squak from afar and began listening intently to find where it was coming from. 

I looked up and saw this…

If you look real close, you can see Chicken on my neighbor’s roof.  The kids immediately ran over there.  She put her dogs away and then I stood on the ladder that is leaned up against the fence.  As soon as the chicken couldn’t hear the dogs she saw me and flew right back in our yard.  Right past my head. 

She had pushed herself out of the coop through a hole in the wire and who knows how long the poor thing was there.  She was sooo happy to be back in her home that she went straight to bed.  When I checked on her she was happily laying on a plastic egg.

Who knew chickens could be so much fun:)


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