Chicken Saga Continues

I woke early this morning to a raucous.  No, not my kids this time, but the mischievous chickens in the coop-or as the case may be- out of the coop.  I’ve heard that sound before and it means that something has upset the hen house.  I, thinking only of the poor chickens, rolled over and woke daddy’O to go put them back to bed.  He obediently rolled out of bed and strolled out back.  Upon returning he reported that one was missing.  Of course it was Chicken- again.  He looked everywhere and concluded that she had flown the coop and, being of “sound” mind and completely satisfied that any further looking would not produce said chicken, crawled back in bed.

I, having visions of 3D’s sad and pathetic face upon telling him the news about his chicken, rolled out of bed showered, dressed, and began my search around the neighborhood.  Everything was still.  Not a car, not a human, not a sound.  Perfect for me to listen for chicken noises. 

To no avail.  I did not find Chicken. 

When 3D got up I had to break the sad news to him.  He and his siblings began searching the backyard, front yard, and anywhere wtihin close proximity of our house.  No luck.  We were all sick to our stomachs.  I even wrote out a Lost Chicken sign and hung it on the light post in front of our house.  The kids said I needed a picture on the poster, but I said that I didn’t think there were many lost chickens around town.  I was fairly safe to think that the word chicken was enough to let people know what to look for. 

We had all given up hope when our next door neighbor said they saw a chicken in someones front yard on their way home.  It seemed a long shot, but we drove out to look for it.  It indeed was a chicken, but it was not Chicken.  Oh, how sad.  We drove around the block back to our house and I let the boys out on the other side of the field near our home.  Ramona, CP and I drove around and met them at our house. 

Just then, our neighbors drove up and we began talking with them.  We had been out there for about five minutes when my other neighbor pointed in our direction.  I looked down the street and saw a man riding on his bike directly toward us.  I heard him say something that resembled the word…chicken.

He really did say he found a chicken.  He said that his wife opened their garage door that morning and a chicken flew in.  He put it in his backyard and then later started riding his bike around the neighborhood listening for the sounds of chickens.  He was sure that he would be able to find them.  He lives about six houses down on our street and across the other side.  He led us all to his backyard and we all gave a sigh of relief when we saw Chicken.  3D held him tight the whole way home.

All was restored! Phew!!!

Then I worked around the house awhile and decided it was time to sit down for a moment.  As soon as I did, I realized that our dog Zoe had not been seen in awhile.  I quickly got up and called her.  I called her in the house, in the backyard, and in the front yard.  This was beginning to look really familiar.  I walked back into the house with a sinking feeling in my stomach and immediately had a thought. The van.  We had all been outside since we came back from looking for the chicken.  I left the doors open and didn’t even give it a thought.  Master C and I went out front and sure enough, the dog was jumping up on the window with a pleading look.  It wasn’t really hot today, but it wouldn’t have been long before she died from heat exhaustion.  I’m batting a thousand today!!!

You can imagine how my thoughts wandered.  I kept a close watch on everybody for the rest of the day.


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