God is Gooooood!

There is a song we sing with our kids in Sunday school titled, God is Good.  I was going to just type out the words, but thought you might like to hear the tune too. It goes like this,


So, even though our garbage cans were taken away for non payment, our bank account is overdrawn, and we are on the brink of disaster, we can rejoice in the fact that God is good and praise Him that…

Daddy’O has a new job.

A neighbor gave our family a $100 gift card

A family from church gave our family $200

Daddy’O was given two really nice suits, some dress shirts, a few slackes, and some blazers (Thanks Tom-he even gave him some suit etiquette-I wish I was there for that:)too cute) -He has to have business attire for his new job.

I have a part time job at our church

the kids are learning what it means to “lean not on your own understanding.”

Our faith is growing even stronger

We can praise Him even in our darkest hour


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