Gas Anyone?

I awoke early this morning and looked next to me in bed and found no one. I listened for the shower, but heard no water. Then a faint voice from the kitchen drew me down the hall. It was Daddy’O leaving a message on our answering machine.

I quickly rubbed the sleepers out of my eyes and called him back. It was 5:30 and he had run out of gas. He finished his paper route and was heading home and thought he could make it. It just wasn’t to be!

I brushed the cobwebs in my brain away as I tried to figure out if I should wake all the kids or not. I decided that I would wake only the oldest and tell him that I was going to run some gas to Daddy’O and he could get up or stay in bed. He and his brother got up and dressed and began playing legos.
I had to go outside and locate the gas can, drive to fill it up, and then locate my husband. I managed to get there before 6. As I was talking with him- figuring out exactly where he was parked- I could see his car in the distance. I looked at the “store” as he called it that he said he was parked next too and you’ll never guess what it was. I couldn’t believe it. He had run out of gas right next to a gas station.  How ironic!  However, because it was so early in the morning, they weren’t open. All was restored and we both headed home.

To overcome my agitation of having to get up early and “save” him from his own stupidity, I kept telling myself that it could have been me. When you think about all the stupid things you do when you’re mad at someone else’s stupidity, it makes it easier to control your anger. At least for me it does. And I know that if I had done it-you never know-he would have been there for me-and he most likely would not have chastized me for it:)  Ahhhh, what a guy!

Once home, I just wanted to crawl back in bed, but alas, I could not. I had to get his clothes together and see him out the door for his other job. He was running late and he was in a hurry. He got out the door and my sons were chomping at the bit to go watch the sun rise. I of course, having a selfish moment, crawled back in bed. After a few minutes the feelings of guilt were so overwhelming that I had to get up and join them out back. It, afterall, is my son’s 11 birthday today. And what kind of mother would I have been to not see the sun rise on my son’s 11 birthday-if that is what he wanted to do.

After sitting there for a short bit they got restless and decided that they needed to try out Master C’s new slingshot. They soon realized that crows come out in the early morning. Boy did they have a fun time.

I, feeling a fit of selfishness come over me, crawled quietly back to bed.


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