Anything To Get Out of School Work

My kids will do just about anything to get out of their school work.  Today was a perfect example.  All four kids were out this morning before we started school cleaning the chicken coop.  All of a sudden, 3D Master comes running in the house crying very loudly.  I look up to find his hand on his head with blood dripping down his nose.  Upon further examination, I discovered a small wound near his hairline.

The other kids came in and quickly told me the whole story.  CP, our youngest, was angry about something and threw a croquet mallet at 3D hitting him squarely in the forehead. 

I took a good look at it and decided that a trip to the Dr. was in order.  I called and we went right over.

3D was sooooo awesome.  He sat there as the Dr. told him that a few stitches would be in order.  We went down the hall for another Dr. to do the dirty work.  We waited for quite awhile, but 3D never became frightened.  If he was, he sure didn’t show it. 

He actually only received one stitch to pull and hold the skin together.  He received four Izzy Pizza coupons for his awesome behavior.  So of course we went there afterwards.  Grandma was out shopping so she met us there too.  As we got out of the car Master C thanked CP for hitting 3D and said he should do it more often so we could get more free food.  Aren’t eleven year olds helpful.  CP is just innocent enough to give Master 3 his request:(   While we were eating I told 3D that he really didn’t have to go to such extremes to get out of his school work.  He kind of gave me a small chuckle.

Now it is the afternoon and we have not really accomplished anything school related.  Oh well, at least the injury was superficial!


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