When Mom Is Away, The Kids Will Play

I was at my very part time job yesterday, so Grandma came to watch the kids.  When I came home, I noticed that CP’s toes and fingers were red.  I looked at my Mom and she said, “we have pictures.”  I quickly picked up the camera to see the whole story and found these…

Before I saw the pictures, I thought he was still a mess.  However, upon further inspection of afore mentioned photos, I discovered I was wrong.  Grandma said it took two of his siblings and herself to get him cleaned up.  It is nail pollish by the way, not just paint.  I guess one positive thing is that he has great eye hand coordination to be able to get each toenail with some precision:)


3 Responses

  1. So was it nail polish? That is classic 🙂

  2. Yes, it was fingernail polish. It took them an hour or so to get it all off. Actually, it is still there. I guess I’ll have to soak him for a loooong time in the tub to get it off.

  3. That is funny! I am amazed that he didn’t get any on that white shirt! Mine would have been rolling in it like a dog that found a funky smell. 🙂

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