Master C had a Birthday

I am waaaay behind on posting.   So, here is one of the many things that I missed.

In Sept. our oldest turned 11.  He received a used guitar early so he had a guitar themed birthday.  We had a nice simple day celebrating with family.  Although at the beginning of the day, Master C didn’t think it was going to be much of a birthday.

We had been at a neighbor boy’s birthday party the day before and he was going to invite him over for his party, but he told me quietly before his cousins came over that he didn’t want to invite him because he didn’t think the boy would have any fun. 

The boy lives with his grandma who spent a bunch of money on prizes for the kids.  She did a wonderful down home birthday without a ton of frills.  She had some really fun games for the kids and a ton of prizes.  My kids had a ton of fun.  Ramona even told her on her way out the door that she wanted her birthday at her house next year. My favorite game was a cake walk.  She had the usual cake walk where the kids move to a different numbered square to music.  When the kids landed on the square when the music stopped she brought out a prize.  All the prizes had to do with cake, but weren’t actually cakes.  She had pancake mix, rice cakes, a cake mix, and several other clever cake products.  The kids got a big kick out of what was going to be the next cake prize.  Then she had the kids hunt for eggs.  Each egg had a number in it which corresponded with a numbered brown lunch bag.  Inside the bags were goodies.  Not just one goodie per bag, but lots of goodies per bag.  And they each got more than one bag.  Then she even had a special prize just for Cutie P.  There was also a balloon game.  She had a board set up with balloons.  The kids threw darts at them.  Each time a balloon popped a gift certificate for two dollars fell out.  They were either to DQ, BK, or MD.  The kids looooved it! 

Master C was saying in his own way that he didn’t think his birthday would measure up to the little boys standards and he wouldn’t have any fun if he came to his birthday.  Of course my heart just hurt for Master C.  And to be honest with you, my feelings were a bit hurt.  We have never made huge deals out of our kids’ birthdays and are careful with the amount of money we spend.  He knew his birthday would be low key and I think he was sad.  He in no way was trying to hurt my feelings and am glad that he could share openly with me the way he felt.

By the way, after his relatives left, he told me that he had way more fun than he thought he would.  He was so excited about the gifts he received.  I was thrilled to hear him say that.  He was glowing the whole time.  I asked him if he thought the neighbor boy would have had fun if he had come and he admitted that he thought he would.  It is possible to have a really fun birthday party without spending a lot of money.  But in the moment my 11 year old son just couldn’t see how it was possible.  I guess he forgot how clever his mom really is:)

Master C pulled up the “strings” on his guitar and put candles to make the frets on the guitar cake.  Then he lit them.


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