Dreams Don’t Lie

I have been working two part time jobs for the last month or so and my kids are feeling the difference in how much attention I am able to give them. 

Ramona told me about a dream she had last night and it just breaks my heart that even in her subconscious she is feeling neglected.

She said there was a big bug in her room and it was going to get her and her brother.  She screamed for me to come and squish it, but I just yelled back, “I’M TOO BUSY!”

Then she said there was a big spider that was going to get them and she screamed for me to come and get it and again I yelled, “I’M TOO BUSY!”

Then she told me there was a big bee with a huge stinger on it and she called for me to come.  She said I just yelled, “I’M TOO BUSY!”

Isn’t that sad!  I feel awful that she is feeling so sad about the way things are going.  Both Daddy’O and I have two jobs.  Mine take me away for only about 20 hours per week, but let me tell you it is a huge upset to everyone’s schedule.  As a stay at home mom and a homeschooler this new working thing is tougher than I thought.  I am exhausted, can’t keep the house clean, am stressed out, grumpy, impatient, and sometimes rude.  No wonder she is having nightmares about her mother not coming to her aid.  I’m going to have to fix it.  They all need me to poor out the extra love.  It’s just that I don’t have much extra to give them.  I am a pooped mom!


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  1. Sorry this is so difficult for you. I’m feeling stressed too! I took a day off of work yesterday just because I needed to focus: I met with 2 moving companies, a neighbor that wasn’t interested in buying our house after all, and looked for work. Keep the faith girlfriend…you’ll make it through!

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