Wonderful Boys

As I walked through the door this evening my nose picked up a waft of something cooking.  The boys greeted me with big smiles on their faces and led me to the kitchen.

They stood in front of the table in the kitchen and parted just enough for me to feast my eyes on a chocolate pudding pie. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It looked wonderful.  Master Chef even made the crust from scratch.  From scratch.  Some adult chefs steer clear from pie crust and he just did it like it was no big deal.  He didn’t know to be afraid of it.  3 D helped and even washed the dishes they got dirty.  I am still in shock.  They did an awesome job.  I am eating a piece right now and it is delicious.  I’ll have to post a picture later. 

What awesome and delightfully pleasing boys!  It is so exciting to see your kids do something so unselfish.  They could have played the Wii or any of their toys while I was gone, but they chose to work together and make a special treat for their mom.  And they even cleaned up their mess.  Did I say Wow yet???


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