Be Concerned – Don’t Vote Obama!

 I am so very concerned about the conservative votes out there.  We have only a short time left before the election and I am still perplexed as to why so many conservatives are talking about jumping party lines?  What in the world are you thinking???  Please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY about what the will of God is.  Don’t make a mistake by voting for someone who has said on many occasions that he will vote pro abortion (oh, excuse me- I mean pro choice-  Let’s not get confused- abortion would imply something terrible)  every chance he can.  

Obama has made it clear that babies (unborn or not, they are still babies) are not valued.  He feels that if someone has a “mistake” on their hands why not just do the simple thing and get rid of it?   Why do you think that voting on one moral issue is just that-one moral issue-  It is not!  Every fiber of ones being is connected with the moral standards and values they hold.  If a presidential candidate has no value for the innocent life of a baby, planned or unplanned, how can he be someone that you or your children can look up to. Or more importantly, run a country.


Just try and tell a six year old that you are voting into office a president that is willing to kill a nine month old unborn baby just because the mother doesn’t want it.  Make sure you use the term “it” to further your point.  Have your six year old child stand next to a woman who is bursting at the seems ready to deliver her beautiful unborn child and tell  your child that the baby inside of her tummy doesn’t matter to Barack Obama, but you think he is courageous and undeniably the most charismatic speaker you have ever heard and you think he is the one for the job.  Could  you actually stand there and tell your own six year old baby that? 
I can hear you stammering now.  You are trying to come up with something that sounds logical even though deep down you can’t come up with any thoughts to support the death of millions of babies.  But in your defense you start rationalizing your stance you say things like-
a six year old can’t even fathom the depths of the reasons you might vote for him.  You might say that a six year old doesn’t have the capability to understand the complexity of politics.  You might say a six year old can’t make a decision about a man on only one point.  Ask your six year old and see what he or she says. 
I have no doubt that your six year old knows what is right.  You have taught him/her well.  He or she will look up at you with the biggest and roundest dinner plate eyes and ask you why you don’t love the little babies?  That is all they will understand.  They are still so close to God.  So new still after six years on this sinful planet.  They will make no mistake.  I hope you listen to their innocent reason. 
I pray you will listen to God and the Holy Spirit.  Please pray for His will to be done.  Our sinful country, who has turned a blind eye to Him, deserves to be left by God.  We don’t deserve the grace that He would so love to pour out on His children.  Pray that He will show grace.  Pray that He will pour out His bountiful grace on a nation that has many people praying for change.    

Not change brought by Barack Obama, but the change of the heart of this nation to care for the most fragile and innocent.  They do not have a voice.  You however have a voice.  Use it in November to vote the man who has strong moral character.  A man who has proven himself over and over that he is a man of integrity.  You may not agree with all of his policies, but he is a man that  you can be proud of voting into office because he will not overturn pro life policies.  PRAY and PRAY some more for our nation.
  Visit Focus on the Family Action to get an education of what Obama intends to do if he becomes President.         



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