A Little Love and Pancakes

Last night Master C came to me and asked my permission to set his alarm for 6:57am.  He said he wanted to get up, get dressed, and then he and 3-D were going to make pancakes for breakfast.  He asked for a pancake recipe.  I told him where the one I used was and he went into the kitchen and found it.  He looked it over, asked a few questions about it and then went to bed.  In the morning, I arose before the boys to clean the counter and the floor (leftover painting chair project from the previous day) so they had room to make breakfast.  Then I went and got ready for our homeschool co-op we go to on Thursdays.  By the time I came out of my bedroom, breakfast was ready. 

Mmmmmm.  How much sweeter breakfast tastes when you don’t have to make it.  We almost made it out of the door on time and then 3-D pointed out that he didn’t finish the reading of Hudson Taylor that he needed to finish for one of his classes.  So, I sat down – too long – and read him some of it.  If you haven’t read his story, it is a must read- what exciting things God did for him.  A wonderful example of a Godly man learning to fully rely on God.


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