Another One Bites the Dust

Well, I hate to report it, cause I know you all think we are terrible chicken or pet owners for that matter, but I have to tell you, we lost Chicken.  By lost, I don’t mean that he flew the coop, which he did do on several occasions, what I mean is that he is dead.

We found him dead last week.  All the other chickens were fine.  They were a little short on food and water, but the other ones seemed to be fine.  His owner, 3-D hates to go feed the animals when it is his turn, so I think a hard lesson was learned.  Animals die when they are not fed.  Didn’t we learn that one before???  It was a sad morning and 3-D cried for quite awhile that day. 

We were sitting in the living room talking about Chicken dying when CutieP’Tootie piped up saying, “why chicken die?  You no squeeze him.”  The three kids and I looked at each other with our jaws gaping open.  Could he really have remembered that six months ago, he squeezed the life out of 3-D’s baby chick?  We were so careful not to talk about the incident in front of him.  We even replaced the baby chick with another one identical to its predecessor. 

But, he must have.  He was confused that the chicken was dead knowing that no one had squeezed it.  He must have remembered.  He was only two and a half years old at the time and it seems impossible.  I didn’t see the look on his face, but the kids tried to relate the sadness and confusion of CP when he brought out the lifeless and limp baby chick lying on his open palms.  I do remember that CP was completely not himself that entire morning until we replaced it.  I am amazed at the conclusion that he drew himself.  I am amazed at his reasoning skills.  He deduced that the chicken must not be dead because I did not squeeze it.  He remember that squeezing a chicken results in something terrible.  Very interesting.  The human brain is so amazing to me.  How can anyone deny there is a Creator when you look at something so complex as the human brain?


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