Being Creative and Saving Money

I can’t spend any money these days on fun projects or for many things we really need for that matter, so I decided that whenever I get the urge to go shopping (when I’m stressed or down) I just look around at the ample art supplies I have lying around and do something with them. 


Well, this week, I decided to paint some tall counter chairs because I was tired of the old worn out wood look.  I bought these used six years ago and they needed new life.  I’m not quite done with them, but I am glad I started it.  I need to recover their pads and backs and paint them with the final coat. 

Then I decided that it wasn’t enough to do something as boring as repainting furniture, so I decided to get real creative and paint a mural in Ramona and Cp’s room.  I have been wanting to paint something on this particular wall for some time, but had not found the time to complete it.  When the creative bug hits, you just gotta go with it.  I painted some during the day and some of it while the two were sleeping. 

I used a tracing projector and a Dover horse coloring book to make the outline.  I think it turned out great and better still Ramona likes it.  In fact she really likes it-which makes it so much the sweeter.

I had painted the bottom of her room a year or so ago to look like the inside of a barn.  The horse looks like it is looking over a split barn door.  I was able to hang her curtains again too.  I had to take them down long ago because certain little boy hands kept pulling them down. 

The horse is life size.  I should take a picture with Ramona standing next to it to show how large it is.  It is as tall as her window.  I had so much fun painting it.  Hmmm, whats next?  Oh, and the best part of all is that I didn’t have to spend a penny because I already had everything I needed.  It really didn’t take much paint at all.  It didn’t even take 1/4 bottle.  I painted the outline with black and a small paintbrush and then used an art sponge to “color” the inside of the horse.  It worked really good and I was able to shade it in the right places.  Ramona helped a little, she painted a tiny bit and chose red for the harness.


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