Note To Self!

Don’t paint wall while three year old is watching!


CP decided he needed a free way of expressing his creativity too. 

I was able to clean the ink off of the horses, but it would not come off of the wall paint.  I’ll have to touch up some of the brown on the horses. I’ll also have to find the paint I used several years ago and paint over those marks.  This time I’ll make sure no little eyes are watching me!  Actually that is just not possible.  I’ll just have to impress upon him that painting on walls is a mommy job!


2 Responses

  1. Have you tried Magic Eraser sponges? We own apartments and have tenants with kids that marked on walls use it to get the ink off.

  2. Yeah – I was going to say the same thing about the Magic Erasers.

    I’m pretty sure this is the same reason why Egypt was cutting her bear’s hair. Because she’s seen me cut the boys’ hair so often. She even had a little “cape” on her client.

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