Listening To God

I was at church the other day for something and while I was there I signed up to deliver gifts for the Angel Tree ministry.  I knew that I could not purchase a gift this year for a child with a parent in prison, but I could certainly drive the gifts to the kids that others bought. 

I signed up and then began looking at the tags still left on the tree.  As I was reading the items wanted by these children, my heart told my hand to take one.  I pulled one off all the while thinking it was crazy, because there was no room in the budget to buy the gift.

The kids were with me and 3-D asked what I was doing and I told him about the ministry and he asked if he could pick one.  I knew he had some money that he had been saving, so of course I said yes.  All day he kept looking at the tag and thinking about what he would buy the child whose name was on the tag.  It was just wonderful to watch love and generosity oozing from his heart.

That night was bunco night for me.  Each month I play with a group of 11 other women.  It is so much fun to get away and laugh a lot.  We talk and roll the dice for a couple of hours and then there are prizes to give out at the end.  I have won prizes in the past, but I don’t usually roll too many buncos (which is three of the same number you are rolling for).  But that night I had three, which ended up being the most.  So I got the most expensive prize. 

Drum roll please….

It just happened to be a $15 gift card to Fred Meyer.  So, guess what I can go out an buy now??? The gift for the child whose tag I pulled off of the Angel tree. 

God is just so good.  I need to keep listening to His voice speak to my heart.  Lord, I am trying.  Use me please!


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  1. What a wonderful testimony to God’s all knowing love. Thanks for sharing.

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