CP is Soooo Sweet

I was puting my nice fuzzy socks on the other day when CP came up and took them from me and proceeded to gently put them on my feet.  He had a big smile on his face the whole time.  It was sooo cute seeing him do something for me that I didn’t ask him to. 

He even says, “I love you Mommy.” How does he know what that means.  What does love mean to a three year old?  Maybe it means putting his mommy’s socks on.  I can’t even express in words what joy this little boy brings to me.  He does so many things that are sweet and cute. 

We started working on memorizing John 3:16.  I repeat it over and over each evening while I’m singing and reading to him before bed.  He hasn’t started repeating it yet, but he asks me to say it over and over. 

He has been adding “it” to a lot of words lately.  He says, “cribit” for crib.  But my favorite is “Godit” for God.  He will say, “Godit love Mom? Godit love Dad?”  I just love listening to his voice.


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