Daily Blessings

God has been so kind to our family during our financial strain!!!

Today, someone brought our family two pomegranates. 

I was playing Bunco the other night.  While we’re playing all sorts of conversations take place.  One of those topics happened to be about pomegranates.  I had said that it was a tradition for our family to buy a bunch for the holiday season because that is the only time they are for sale. 

I continued by saying that this year, however, I had told the kids that I would probably only buy one because they were so expensive.  They have been 2.50 a piece or more.  I just couldn’t justify buying them.  They were dissapointed because it is one of their favorite fruits.

Anyway, we were at church this morning and one of our Bunco co-horts gave us a bag with two pomegranates in it.  What a sweet treat and a lovely gesture to my family.

God is soooo goooood!


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