Isn’t There a Song that Goes Something Like…

“I don’t want to clean no more, no more, I don’t want to clean no more, I don’t want to clean no more, no more I don’t want to clean no more…”  Actually, I think that’s a kids song about taking a bath- or maybe cleaning a room-But it could be about cleaning houses too!

We got home from a potluck and a quick shopping trip for some vitamins at Whole Foods, when we discovered our neighbor working in our yard.  Whenever she is out front all the kids like to help or play with her.  So, we all changed, minus Daddy’O-, who fell asleep on the couch, and went outside.  We were out there until dark.  The kids played, while my neighbor and I worked and chatted…Well, she mostly worked and I mostly chatted, but I’m still pooped!

For the last two days I worked almost non stop on a slide show for our homeschool Co-op.  It is for an assembly tom. night that I thought was weeks out.  I did get it done late last night, but the house has completley fallen apart.  I have my mom coming in the morning so I can go work for a few hours and I am looking around thinking -where do I start!?

So, I’m blogging and trying to put it off as long as possible.  The kids are all asleep and I just want to read my book.  Well, I guess I’d better get up and start with something! Hmmmmm. What should I pick up first?….  That book looks good!


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