Taking Initiative

The boys have been scheming the last few nights after they get into bed.  They have been making a list of all of the Christmas gifts they want to buy for people this year.  They have their “do not peek” list with each person’s name on it and the gift they want to buy next to it.  If the gift was too expensive they put a circle with an x next to it.  If it was a “yes,” they could buy the gift, then it had a star next to it.  They showed me their lists with my name covered.  Ooooh, I want to peek!

Master C was able to work the other day with Daddy’O at the paper and made fifteen dollars, so the boys asked Dad if he would ask his boss if they could come in a few more times to earn more money.  She said yes, and they were thrilled.  She even said they could continue to come in on Fri. and Sat. afternoons into the new year if they wanted.

They estimated the cost of each gift and figured out how many hours they would each need to work to earn enough money to buy them. 

I am so impressed by there initiative, creativity, and the enjoyment they are getting out of the whole process of being able to earn something to share with others.  Last year they earned some money from selling something on Ebay, but Daddy’O and I did all the work.  This year they are doing the work.  The most fun for me is seeing a desire to work for the money and not just sitting back and asking us for it. 

It makes a mother proud!  This one anyway!

One of Ramona’s gifts was a bathrobe.  They said they wanted to pick out some fleece from the fabric store to make her one.  I asked them how they were going to make her one and they replied, “with your help of course.”  Of course!  Yikes,  I have to find a pattern and figure out how each of them can help.  I guess we will be having a lesson in sewing 101.  Not sure how we are going to keep it from her, but we can try.

They estimated $5 for the fleece.  Hmmm, I guess I am going to have to sit down and help them re-estimate each gift.  They might be off a bit on this one.  However, I just might have some fleece around somewhere.  They know all about coupons, so maybe they were counting on using one of those.  I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled.

I don’t think they even realize they were using their math skills today.  Next time they complain about math, I’ll have to remind them that they couldn’t have done all of their calculations without knowing a few basic math skills.  Maybe that will encourage the one that doesn’t enjoy math as much to continue with his learning.  Probably not, but its worth a try!


3 Responses

  1. This is a great read. It’s always good to read about some new, inspiring ideas. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Joann Fabrics has (or at least had) their clearance fabric on sale this weekend. I noticed some fleece in there. I believe on sale the most it could have cost was 2.50 a yard.

  3. Thanks a ton for the information! I haven’t been in there for awhile.

    Do I dare admit that I found an already made one at Freds. It was only 12.75. I bought it and brought it back for the boys to approve. They liked it and I told them they could pay me $10 for it.

    I know I am terrible to not let them experience making her one, I just couldn’t see how we would fit it in. We’ll have to find an easier thing for them to sew, like a pillow or something. They would like that too.

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