Conversations With God

I was having a conversation with God the other day while I was frustrated.  I was sulking I guess.  Actually there is not an I guess, I was.  As a homeschooling mom I want to be able to give my kids everything that will help their God given gifts flourish.  I’ve been struggling lately about how I can provide them with what I think they need to become the people God wants them to be. 

I was talking to him about one of my kids in particular who has a unique and very amazing little mind in math and sciences.  I told God that I didn’t know how I was going to provide the things that I knew could help him continue to thrive and help his mind blossom into what God created it to do.  I was at a loss as to how to do that.  A lot of things are free, but there are things that I would like to purchase to help him continue his journey.   Our budget just doesn’t allow for any more school items at the moment.

That sounds weird, I’m not explaining myself very well.  Basically, I was throwing my hands up because I didn’t see a tangible way to provide something I thought would help one of my children develop. 

A few days later God sent me a message through a card I (it was addressed to both Daddy’O and me) received in the mail.  There was no return address and no one signed it. 

On the front of the card it read, ” Jesus will take care of everything that concerns you…

Inside it read, “He’s on your side all the way, and He will see you through the victory.” 

Even now, I am teary eyed just thinking about these words of encouragement. 

He created these children.  He knit them together in my womb.  I don’t have to worry about how I will grow “them up in the way they should go.”  I just have to pray and listen quietly and let God do the hard stuff. 

He loves these children more than I can ever even imagine. 

Thanks God for letting me see your love, care and concern for me and my children.  And thank you to -whoever you are- who sent me the card and $1oo.


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