“Mom, Give Me My Cod Liver Oil!…”

…my daughter yelled from the dining room.  It was soooo funny for her to be asking me for Cod Liver Oil-She has noo clue whatsoever.  I had given some to one of my sons and from her reaction, you’d have thought I was handing out candy. 

You just present things to your kids and they don’t realize, unless you tell them, that what they are taking most people would consider gross. 

Totally hilarious.  I can just picture my mom scrunching her nose and closing her eyes when she was a child as her mother forced a spoonful into her mouth. 

The other day I bought some Cod Liver Oil to start giving to my kids.  No, this is NOT your Grandmother’s Cod Liver Oil! 

This has a pleasant smell of lemon and when mixed with Orange juice can hardly be detected-except for the oily residue that floats on top.

I have this on good authority from my kids, of course, cause I’m not ready to try some myself.  They haven’t called me on it yet, so I might have a few more weeks. 

Yes, you can call me chicken if you want.


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