Beautiful Music

The boys have been in a handbell group since last August.  The group has eleven members with two subs in case someone is sick.  The idea is to serve the community through the music of handbells.  Their group is called the Trails End Ringers.

They have played at a church, several retirement homes and three elementary schools-  We still have one or two performances yet.  It has been thoroughly enjoyable for me to watch their talents blossom. 

Master C is very intense as he concentrates on the music while 3D Master looks much more relaxed as he counts the beats with his mouth.  Their techniques are very different, but they both have done very well.  They even play in an ensemble with two girls playing the “Carol of the Bells.”

Some of the titles include, “Chattering With Angels,” “Timberlain Dance,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Jolly O’l Saint Nicholas” (hence the hats) and “Suite For Handbells.”

Ramona plays the   hand chimes in one ensemble as a trio.  She has only played in one performance, but didn’t miss one beat.  She is the youngest player.  She is not quite ready for the hand bells, so she played the chimes instead.  Maybe next year as she will have had a year of piano lessons under her belt. 


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