A Perfect Speller

CP has letters on his wall above his bed that spell out his name.  One night I went to check on him and they had all been taken down.  I told him that he couldn’t have them on his wall anymore and picked them up off the floor and set them all on his dresser.  They were all in a jumble with not particular order to them at all.

The next morning when I went in to get him I looked at the wall and saw all the letters back on his wall.  I did a double take and then went to find Ramona certain she had placed them all back up for him.  She profusely denied any involvement and to my astonishment realized that every letter was in its correct spot and CP had carefully placed them up all by himself. 

I think I am going to take them off this time and leave them on his dresser and see if he really does know how to spell his name.  It isn’t a three letter name either.  It has seven letters in it.  Maybe we should start reading lessons now that I know he can spell.  If his memory is that good, just think what we can do 🙂


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