Scared to Death

Another one bites the dust.  Cruel, but we have lost several rabbits in the past few months and it just doesn’t affect me so much anymore. 

Ramona went out to feed and water her rabbit the other morning and came in looking distraught.  She didn’t quite know how to approach me fearing that it was her fault the rabbit died.  They are responsible for the feeding of our outside animals and if they don’t feed them when they are asked, then consequences are natural. 

I couldn’t believe Silky died.  She was a free rabbit we picked up from someone in the country who found a box of rabbits someone left.  She was less than six months old and a real Sweetie.  Master C had just been out the day before and let her run around in the yard and fed and watered her.  So we couldn’t figure out what happened. 

First I thought maybe she ate something in the yard that was toxic, but then that night I began to think it had to do with the storm we had the night before.  I have heard that rabbits can become so scared they will die.  I feel awful!!  I was sad that it didn’t even cross my mind to move her in the garage when I knew a storm was coming.  There was a lot of noise with things blowing around the yard and our wind-chime not to far from where her cage was.  I don’t know what really happened, but that is my best guess. 

We are down to two rabbits.  One boy and one girl.  The kids decided that we should breed the two lionhead rabbits we have in the spring for some new babies.  We’ll see.  Probably best to not bring them into the world when they don’t last here very long.  We are going to do 4h again and will need some rabbits to show.  But I’m not sure what we’ll do.


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