A Dud

I waited all week for the second part of Masterpiece theater.  Two Sundays ago I watched the beginning of Tess of the d’Urbervilles . It was so sad and heartbreaking that I could hardly wait to see the second half the next week because I was sure that the movie would end with redemption and all of Tess’ tragedies would be put right. 

BUT, I was wrong! 

I was so disgusted after the movie was over.  I couldn’t believe that good didn’t win over evil.  I just can’t except films that don’t right themselves before the end.  I sat there with my stomach in knots disbelieving that the author would not redeem Tess’ life.

Tess was raped, had a baby who died within months, baby was not allowd a “Christian burial” because of her not being married, she had to work on farms, fell in love, married, was betrayed because he found out her past, stalked repeatedly by her rapist, had no choice but to give in to said rapist because of the death of her father and no one to take care of her family, husband came looking for her, she ended up killing rapist, ran off with husband, had a few days of bliss, found by police and hanged.


As I sat there thinking about the main character and her life, I began to think about how it applied to Christ redeeming my life.  I am no deep thinker, but I am trying to formulate some thoughts on why watching a movie without hope and one that seemingly evil won out, is so disgusting to me.

Jesus Christ is the victor, not Satan.  Good is always supposed to win over evil.  Hmmm.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


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